Wizard 101 Pet Training Service In Game: Any Kiosk Stats 5/5 Talents

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Any Kiosk Stats You Like 5 out of 5 Talents Guaranteed.
Wizards below level 60 will have low pet energy, we suggest you are at least level 100 for pet training.
Although, any level wizard can opt in for the necessary upgrades to improve the pet training experience.
We suggest you upgrade to the Pet Trainer Bundle available online at Gamestop.Com for your desired level.
We can farm Aphrodite pet energy gear for an extra 20 USD.
.(A Wizard 101 Professional Will Log Onto Your Account and Train Your Pet.)
(Or We Can Coach You On How To Do It.)
Upon checkout, message us what pet stats you would like.

Pet Training Is Expensive Because Pets Cost 70K-90K Gold Per Hatch, Plus 150 Crowns Hatching Elixir & 400 Crowns Purreau's Potion Bottle To Reset Hatching Timer For Each Pet That You Make. To Make A Perfect Pet, It Requires A High Stat Starter Pet And About 10-20 Hatches. It's good if you already have crowns on your account, but no worry, this auction includes the crowns necessary to make your pet.
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